The brand

Mundial Prime


Mundial Prime has portfolio of more than 300 products serving the automotive and construction segments, in addition to varieties of spray paint. Our products enchant thousands of customers in all regions of Brazil, leading quality and satisfaction to the homes of Brazilians.

The Mundial Prime products are present in building materials networks, home centers, hardware distributors and automotive products, industry, supermarkets, paint shops, auto parts and motorcycle parts, and gas station networks.

We provide our customers, retailers, application of technical training, handling and storage products. Every month, we trained about 250 professionals who work directly in service to the end consumer.

The quality with our products ranges from the selection of raw materials to the service at the counter of the stores and this results in the recognition of the consumer. For the third year in a row – 2014, 2015 and 2016 – the World Prime figure in relation TOP OF CONSTRUCTION RESALE MIND magazine with MP1 Lub products and polyurethane foam. We are working so that in 2017 the recognition come again.

Mundial Prime, uma lata de opções!

The manufacturer


Developing aerosol technology since 2006, Aeroflex is a leading and most respected chemical and aerosol Brazil. The company is a reference in technical-industrial sector, with the World Prime brand. With the draft, increasingly, part of the Brazilian consumer’s daily life, Aeroflex launched in 2017 its own product lines for home care, insecticide and air freshener, branded My Place, and cosmetics, branded my Health.